Top 10 Highway Driving Safety Tips

If you could avoid moving violations, an accident, or a fatality by following some simple driving safety tips, would you do it?You can see irresponsible driving by taking a short drive around your neighborhood, let alone getting on the highway. The safety of your vehicle and its passengers is paramount each and every time you get behind the presents 10 of the most essential highway driving tips to help you arrive safely at your destination and gathered information on highway statistics.Highway Driving SafetyBy improving your driving habits, the chances of becoming a statistic are significantly reduced. The following 10 highway driving safety tips will aid you in avoiding potentially life-threatening situations, subsequently making the roadway a safer place to be.Highway Safety Tip #1 – SeatbeltsWear your seatbelt every time you get into a vehicle, regardless of the length or reason for the trip.In many states, failure to wear your seatbelt is a primary o…

My Car Won’t Start – Is My Battery Dead or My Alternator?

What will you do when you turn the key, and your car won’t start? This is one of the worst sensations especially when there’s no apparent reason.When your car loses power and won’t crank, there can be several reasons. The battery is the usual culprit, but there may be an underlying issue. Without finding the reason, you may find yourself stranded or at the mercy of waiting for roadside helps you uncover the reasons a car battery can die, how to solve the problem before being stranded, and who to call when there is no one around to help.My Car Won’t Start and Battery Needs to be JumpedWhen you turn the ignition key, the expectation is for the vehicle to roar to life and all of your internal electronics to turn on. When that doesn’t happen, it can be infuriating and require a jump to get your car going again.When using jumper cables, the following will help you avoid electrical damage and personal injury:• Check your vehicle owner’s manual for any spe…

The New Audi Q4 E-Tron All-Electric Affordable SUV

Audi’s all-electric lineup just got larger. With the new Q4 E-tron SUV, released in concept form at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Audi looks to strengthen its presence in the – sure to be crowded – all-electric SUV market.Scheduled to begin production in late 2020, the Q4, Audi’s 5th electric vehicle is a scaled down version of its E-tron SUV series with the same qualities and efficiencies you’ve come to expect from Audi takes a closer look at the new Audi Q4 E-tron’s specifications, interior, exterior, and performance.Audi Q4 E-tron all-electric SUV SpecsAs Audi looks to strengthen its presence in the all-electric car market, its recent unveiling of the Q4 is a scaled down version of its already successful E-tron all-electric SUV. The following is a comparison of the two electric versions:Audi E-tronAudi Q4 E-tronLength16.08 feet15 feetHeight5.46 feet5.25 feetWidth (with mirrors)7.19 feet6.25 feetBattery Capacity95 kWh82kWhMiles (per full charge)1…

Why is My Car Shaking and Engine Losing Power?

Is your car shaking rattling your nerves? Cars and trucks are engineered to ride smoothly, and when they shake, it’s an indication that something is wrong and needs to be fixed.Vehicles in good operating conditions shouldn’t shake, and knowing how to identify the causes will aid you in avoiding unnecessary expenses when you take your car to a explains some of the reasons you may experience shaking, engine vibration, and power loss.Automotive Steering Wheel and Brake Pedal ShakingAny time your vehicle shakes, it can be worrisome and unsettling. When that shaking comes from the steering wheel or brake pedal, here are some of the more common culprits:Out of Round – Brake rotors can become warped either by excessive braking (riding the brakes), or by sudden braking at speeds over 40mph. This warping is known as “out of round,” and will cause your steering wheel to shake or vibrate when the brakes are applied.Sticking Brake Caliper – With similar effects t…

Tips to Save Money on Your Car Insurance Premium

Lower your car insurance premiums by doing one of 8 things. When it comes to your insurance, you have more control than you may think.Owning a car is already expensive, and when you add insurance to the cost, it can be downright ridiculous. By following simple steps, you can significantly reduce your auto insurance presents an exclusive look at what causes high insurance rates, and 8 easy ways to lower those premiums.Why Is My Car Insurance So Expensive?Your driving record is one of the main influences on your insurance premium. Even if you have a spotless record, the following may increase your rates:• Amount of Miles Driven Daily/Annually
• Make and Model of the Vehicle
• Vehicle Use
• Zip Code
• Credit Score/History
• Age
• Gender
• Marital Status
• Coverages
• DeductibleNow that you have an idea of why your insurance may increase let’s work on ways to lower it.1 – Compare Insurance CompaniesAs in any competitive market, rates from one insurance com…

Guide for Buying a Used Volkswagen Jetta

Without knowing what to look for, you could be buying someone else’s problem instead of your transportation solution.Volkswagen Jetta’s can be full of hidden and costly maintenance issues, so before purchasing one, you need to know what to look for, how to find it, and if it is worth assembled the following guide and common problems to look for when inspecting and test driving a used Volkswagen Jetta.Used VW Jetta Common Problems and Buyers GuideBefore making any decisions about purchasing a used VW Jetta, use the following guidelines to ensure that you are getting a safe and mechanically sound car.Test Drive During Daylight – Check panels for rust or repair. If you notice color variations between panels, chances are the vehicle has had bodywork.Confirm Up-to-Date Maintenance – Look for Jetta models with complete service records and that the owner’s manual maintenance schedule was followed.It is a commonly reported problem that previous Jetta owners fai…

Volkswagen and Audi Timing Chain Settlement Recall and Repair Reimbursement Information

Attention, you may be entitled to up to $6,500 and time is running out! Volkswagen and Audi owners and leasers can get reimbursed for specific repairs made on certain vehicles between 2008 and 2014. Discover if your vehicle qualifies and how to start a claim.Audi and Volkswagen owners and leasers with a settlement class vehicle that paid to have certain repairs made may be entitled to a full reimbursement of those expenses.Autobahn Performance collected settlement details, eligibility requirements, important deadlines, and created this guide for how to participate in this settlement.Timing Chain Settlement and Eligibility DetailsOn June 14, 2018, the Court granted preliminary approval for the Volkswagen timing chain settlement known as “In Re Volkswagen Timing Chain Product Liability Litigation, Civil Action No. 16-2765 (JLL)(JAD).” This settlement addresses these parts:• Timing chain failure and/or
• Timing chain tensioner failure and/or
• Engine replacement as a result of the failure…